I had it's sibling, the ambassador, for a while (or the ambastador, as we used to call it). I quite like the shape, and if you don't mind SU carbs, then they're a nice, big comfy car. BL's answer to the Granada. Mind you, we had a gold, Sweeney-style Granada which was the tits compared to the ambasstador... » 2/24/12 4:15am 2/24/12 4:15am

@Nordin: Force it on my friends & family? Hellz, no. I'm keeping them as far from my sweet, sweet beer as I possibly can. Anyway, the buggers would cheerfully drink it even if it were foul, as they are unrepentant lushes. » 6/10/11 5:39am 6/10/11 5:39am